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We are very happy to share our new partnership with Chekin. ABAL Consulting, a data-driven consulting firm committed to the interests of lodging owners, has announced a new partnership with Chekin, an online check-in provider for lodging properties.

This new collaboration underscores ABAL Consulting’s interest and commitment to helping vacation rental owners streamline their operations, improve their guests’ experience and increase the revenue of their vacation rental businesses.

New partnership between Chekin and ABAL Consulting

The new alliance between ABAL Consulting and Chekin is a powerful combination that brings important benefits for any tourist housing manager.

Chekin offers an easy and efficient solution that allows owners of tourist accommodations to automate the entire check-in process from booking confirmation to check-out. Save 80% of your time and earn more money with every booking: Online guest registration and identification, contracts and digital signature, deposits, online payments, remote access to the property, sending data to the police, upselling and much more.

On the other hand, ABAL Consulting brings its expertise to help short-term rental companies make better use of data, with the goal of growing their business by analyzing customer behavior, identifying opportunities for revenue growth and streamlining operations.

The partnership between Chekin and ABAL Consulting is a perfect match. Chekin’s expertise in check-in automation combined with ABAL Consulting’s experience in data-driven consulting will provide vacation rental hosts with the most advanced tools and technologies available to improve the check-in process and the overall performance of their short-term rental business.


This partnership demonstrates the commitment of both companies to stay at the forefront of their industry and offer hosts innovative and powerful solutions. With Chekin’s all-in-one platform and ABAL Consulting’s Business Intelligence tool, vacation rental hosts will have access to more accurate and reliable information than ever before, and will be able to achieve greater success and profitability in their business.

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