Get to know the history of some rock stars

Discover the success stories behind the businesses that achieved their boost thanks to ABAL Consulting.

Sitges Group

“A static company is a dead company.”

Mante House

Focus on quality to obtain an average price much higher than its main competitors.

Mara Boutique

A family building of tourist apartments that has become a benchmark in a place like Benidorm.

CH Boutique

A story, a home, a destiny and a life plan.

Hotel Hostemplo

The expansion of a family business that began with a small hotel next to the Sagrada Família.

Hostal Girona

Take a chance on the care of historical elements.


A family hotel with a lot of history. What can a small establishment do to compete with the big ones?


Profitability guarantee

Pay for performance. If you grow, so do we.