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Trends and innovations to increase the profitability of your tourist accommodation.

eco resort

Eco Resort: a new concept

Increased demand for environmentally friendly accommodation has prompted many accommodations to adopt more sustainable practices. to attract conscious tourists. This has encouraged more people to

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resort hotel

What is the difference between a Resort and a Hotel?

The constant evolution of the hotel industry has resulted in a wide range of options for travelers who want a unique lodging experience. Hotels and resorts represent two of the most popular options for lodging, whether for pleasure or for work; resort hotels, each with their own distinctive features and attractions.

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Tarifas no r

The resurgence of non-refundable fares, but are they legal?

It is increasingly common to find hotels offering their services at slightly cheaper prices in exchange for assuming the conditions of any cancellation, change or modification. In other words, more and more tourist accommodations are including non-refundable rates in their policies, which raises the same question: are non-refundable rates legal?

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Management of tourist accommodation space

Do you optimize or lose? Space management is a challenge for any tourist accommodation, especially to do it in a correct and effective way.
That space is perishable is no secret. Although it tends to have a very long useful life, it is always assumed that a space that is not occupied or sold today cannot be made tomorrow.

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