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Netflix’s Stay Here teaches how to monetize rental properties.

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From a houseboat in Seattle to a chateau in France, Netflix’s Stay Here is the latest series the streaming platform has launched focused on transforming rental properties into stunning and profitable locations.

Today, in an increasingly connected world, reputation management has become more complex than ever. We no longer only have to worry about word-of-mouth or printed comments, but also about our online prestige.

Genevieve Gorder, a well-known interior designer, and Peter Lorimer, a real estate guru, are fully aware of this fact and are collaborating in this program with owners of picturesque properties to help them profit from their vacation rental properties by applying strategies that address reputation management. online. You can watch the official trailer for the series here.

According to a study conducted by ITB and the Worms University of Applied Sciences, it has been found that 70% of users searching for accommodation via the Internet take the time to carefully read and analyze reviews written by former guests of the establishment. In fact, it is estimated that these users usually review an average of 20 reviews before confirming a reservation.

It is clear that the online reputation of an accommodation is of utmost importance in the decision of travelers. Therefore, it is essential for tourism property owners to pay attention to managing their online reputation in order to attract more guests and increase the profitability of their properties.

How to improve your online reputation

But who has never received a negative comment? What are the most common reasons for hosts receiving negative feedback? Although we would prefer they didn’t exist, it is a reality we must face in our business: dealing with that part that brings negative comments.

It is difficult to find someone who has not received some kind of negative comment on occasion. In fact, it is quite common for hosts to receive this type of criticism and there are several reasons that tend to be the most common for this.


For cleaning and maintenance purposes:

this is the most common complaint among guests when it comes to their stay in an accommodation. Hygiene and cleanliness are fundamental aspects in any type of lodging, so it is crucial to make sure that everything is in perfect condition before the client arrives. This involves thorough cleaning of all common areas and rooms, ensuring air quality, and making sure that supplies are adequate, both in good condition and in sufficient quantity. In addition, it is important to carry out regular maintenance of the facilities and equipment, in order to prevent any possible technical problems that may arise during the guest’s stay. Prestar atención a la limpieza y mantenimiento es crucial para evitar críticas negativas y garantizar una experiencia agradable para el cliente.


Descriptions or photos that do not correspond to reality:

it is important to keep in mind that the descriptions and photos of the accommodations we offer to a prospective client must be accurate and reflect reality. If the customer’s expectations are unrealistic or not up to par, it can lead to great disappointment. Therefore, it is essential to be clear and honest in the description of the property, without trying to disguise details that may affect the client’s perception. By providing detailed and accurate information, we help the customer make an informed decision and minimize the risk of misunderstandings or problems in the future.


Falta de amenities:

In addition to the aforementioned reasons, the lack of amenities or the preconceived idea about the so-called “Amenity Kits” or “Welcome Packs” can generate a negative experience for the client. Not finding the basics they expect, they may be disappointed or uncomfortable. Some examples of amenities that guests usually expect are towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, coffee, tea and bottled water. If you want to stand out from the competition, you can even offer additional amenities that make the customer feel even more comfortable and cared for, such as bathrobes, slippers, toothbrushes, sewing kits, umbrellas, power adapters, among others. Offering a wide range of amenities can make a difference in customer satisfaction and contribute to them leaving a good rating and recommending your accommodation to others.


Quality of customer service:

quality customer service is fundamental in the hotel business to solve problems and avoid customer dissatisfaction. It is important to ensure that service descriptions are clear prior to booking, but problems can still arise. Quality customer service can even build customer loyalty and turn unpleasant situations into opportunities for growth. A proactive, customer-oriented approach can prevent complaints and problems.

Lack of communication with the guest:

lack of communication with the guest is one of the most common mistakes that can occur in lodging management. Communication is essential for guests to feel comfortable and safe during their stay. It is important that there is fluid communication between the host and the guest before, during and after the stay.


It is necessary to provide clear and accurate information about the accommodation, as well as to respond quickly to any questions or concerns the guest may have. Lack of information or confusing information can create uncertainty for guests and make them feel insecure during their stay.

Good communication with the guest can also help prevent problems and resolve any issues that may arise quickly and efficiently. In addition, good communication can help build trust and guest loyalty towards the host, which can result in a good reputation and increase demand for the accommodation.


It is true that many of the complaints received by hotel businesses can be solved simply by good communication with the customer. Some customers may have unrealistic expectations about what a hotel offers, so it is important to ensure that service descriptions are clear and accurate prior to booking.

However, unforeseen problems may arise during the client’s stay, such as a lack of amenities in the room or a malfunction in some equipment. In these cases, the quality of customer service is essential to solve problems and prevent customer dissatisfaction.

In fact, quality customer service can even turn an unpleasant situation into an opportunity for customer loyalty. If the hotel staff is able to quickly resolve the issue and make the customer feel valued and well taken care of, the customer may leave the experience feeling more connected to the brand and willing to repeat the experience in the future.

A proactive and customer-oriented approach can help prevent complaints and problems, and turn difficult situations into opportunities for loyalty and business growth, and of course, improve the online reputation of any business.

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