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CH Boutique

CH Boutique is the personal project of Olga Márquez, director of this apartment building in Seville. In ABAL we have advised Olga with the project from scratch: reform, long-term strategy and consulting for the economic acceleration of her business.

A story, a house, a destiny, a project, a life plan… that inspired us from the beginning and that we want to share with you.

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Take advantage of every space to achieve a higher economic return from the property every day of the year.


The property needed a complete renovation and a comprehensive redistribution proposal in order to be able to start renting it out for tourism.


After a market study, we decided to create six independent lodging units as opposed to the initial proposal of creating a single vacation home. In this way we can optimize the economic performance of the property and maximize sales.
Taking care of every detail to offer customers a unique experience that makes them feel at home.


We have a new property in a mature market with a high level of competition.


We carry out a market study prior to the construction phase in order to detect the needs of the demand and offer the services and facilities required. The fitting out and construction of the terrace with swimming pool has allowed us to generate added value and differentiation during the hottest months of the year so as not to have such a marked seasonality and to work at full capacity all year round.

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